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Neck Pain

Are you struggling with Neck Pain?

Neck pain is a common issue that can affect the lower part of your head and extend to your shoulders and neck. It may be due to your poor posture, head or physical injuries, or uncomfortable sleeping positions. While most neck pains get better over time, chronic issues like osteoarthritis or herniated discs may require more time and medical help.
But here’s the good news: Physiotherapy can help you ease out your neck-pain and help you step into pain-free days!

How to Treat Neck-Pain with Physiotherapy?

Neck pain should be treated on time as it may hinder you from doing your daily activities with ease. Physiotherapy is the best choice to get rid of the aches. The primary aim of physiotherapy is to eliminate the pain and discomfort, enhance mobility in the neck and head, and boost muscle strength. All of this is done with careful consideration to prevent any further harm to the neck through well-thought-out treatment plans.

There are two main methods used to treat the neck pain

In this therapy session, you actively engage in exercises and stretches designed to enhance movements and flexibility in your neck. It’s a hands-on, proactive way to reclaim control over your recovery process.

Neck Exercises

It helps you to increase the flexibility of your neck and relaxes the muscles and tissues in the region. Corner stretches are the most simple options you can try to increase neck mobility.

Exercises to strengthen your Core and Back

If you are considering the well-being of your neck, it is equally important to strengthen your core and back muscles. Strengthening these areas contributes to reducing the stress on the neck.Planks, Bicycle crunches, Leg raises are some exercises that can strengthen your core. To relax your back muscles, perform the Bridge exercises or some simple cat stretches.

This is a therapy session where you don’t have to break a sweat. The patients aren’t actively involved in exercise. Instead, they experience therapeutic interventions designed to provide relief without the need for active engagement.

Some of the treatment methods include

  • Ice PacksIce Packs to reduce inflammation and numb areas of discomfort in the neck.
  • Heat TherapyWarming Up with Heat Therapy to reduce the tension in the neck region.
  • Electrotherapy Electrotherapy to stimulate muscles, providing relief from pain and reducing the inflammation.

Our Approach at Mobiphysio

A lot more awaits you! Ready to live a neck-pain free life? 

Neck Pain

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