Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, definitely! Physiotherapy is the main treatment for Frozen Shoulder. Injections or surgery are considered later. In the freezing stage, we focus on reducing pain and gentle exercises. As your shoulder unfreezes, we use personalized exercises to help you recover well at MobiPhysio. No need for injections or surgery right away!

Generally, women aged 35-60 are more prone to Frozen Shoulder, but it can affect men too. It might develop without a clear cause or be linked to conditions like diabetes, thyroid issues, heart disease, or Parkinson’s. Smoking and a history of stroke can also increase the risk. #FrozenShoulder #UnderstandingHealth

If you’re experiencing shoulder pain or stiffness, it’s best to consult a healthcare professional like a physiotherapist. At MobiPhysio, we carefully assess patients before diagnosing a stiff shoulder and recommending exercises. People often come to us with complaints of shoulder pain, difficulty raising the arm, sleep disruption, and challenges with everyday tasks like dressing or combing hair.

Pelvic floor muscles support the bladder, bowel, and uterus. Like any muscles, they can become weak in both men and women. Signs include leaking urine, reduced sensation, infections, and pain. Pelvic health physiotherapists can help treat it.

Pelvic floor issues, often more common in women, can result from factors like pregnancy, tears during childbirth causing myofascial pain, vulvovaginal tissue thinning due to menopause, obesity, stress incontinence, or chronic constipation.

Physiotherapy can help through manual therapy and DNS exercises tailored to strengthen or relax pelvic floor muscles. The number of sessions varies, each one customized to address your specific needs and symptoms.

Kegel exercises are just one type of pelvic floor exercise and may not be the most suitable for your specific condition. Some individuals might think they are doing Kegels correctly but might be performing them incorrectly, potentially worsening their pelvic floor issues. At MobiPhysio, we assess your overall pelvic health and identify the most effective pelvic floor exercises tailored to meet your specific needs.

A sedentary lifestyle can lead to health problems, balance issues, and a higher risk of falls from childhood to adulthood. Less control over the core can cause instability, coordination problems, and a decrease in core muscle strength, affecting overall balance and body awareness. Physiotherapy can help address these issues.


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