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Elbow Pain
The elbow is a small yet intricate joint that lets us do many things with our arms and hands, like playing sports or opening a can. Elbows can get hurt from accidents, doing the same movement a lot, or having bad posture. This pain can affect how you reach, grip, lift, and use your arms. Tennis elbow happens when the outside of your elbow gets inflamed from repetitive stress. The pain is on the outer side and may go down your forearm, especially when you straighten your arm.
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How to treat Elbow Pain with Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists diagnose elbow pain using X-rays or MRI, followed by targeted treatments like shockwave therapy, acupuncture, and dry needling. Manual therapy improves joint motion, and personalized exercise programs focus on strength, flexibility, and motor control for elbow pain. Massage therapy may also be included for soft tissue release. Some of the common exercises practiced include Wrist turn, Wrist Curls and Towel Twists.

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Elbow Pain

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